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Burlington Vt Rental Market


Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Finding apartments in Burlington VT can be challenging. Burlington historically has relatively low vacancy. Surprisingly, about 70% of the housing units in Burlington are rental units. That is due in part by the colleges in Burlington. The colleges in the Burlington Area do not house all of there students on campus and thus there is a large student demand for off-campus housing. Some of the area colleges are:
University of Vermont -Burlington VT
Champlain College -Burlington VT
St. Michaels College -Colchester VT

Apartment owners have a new option, compare it to Craigslist…


Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Craigslist is a great resource for landlords trying to rent their apartments. The best thing about Craigslist is that it has become the go to place for free advertising, and you can count on a lot of eyes seeing you listing. There is however a lot the could be improved upon. That is what prompted me to build the web site


– Provides no way to sort by the date apartments are available. So people have to view tons of listing to find what they are looking for. – In the Grid homepage all listings are automatically organized by the number of bedrooms and the date available! Check it out!
– Listings are quickly obsolete as each new listing is added, your listing gets buried. – All listing are highlighted until the available date passes!
– I don’t like having to re-list once it expires, and upload pictures again. – List it once, upload pictures (and VIDEO!!) we keep everything in your account permanently! Simply “deactivate” the listing and it is turned off but available for you to activate it later on if necessary.
– Craigslist is a jack of all trades – is a master of apartment rentals
– No quick means of posting multi-unit buildings – Duplicate feature allow quick upload of apartment buildings. Upload the first apartments, duplicate that unit then make any necessary changes to create the second unit

Apartments for Rent Website is Live Online


Saturday, October 11th, 2008

It has been a long road. is finally up and running! Finding apartments for rent in Burlington, or anywhere else in Vermont, just got a bit easier. I hope people will like this free resource. Our home page displays the available inventory of apartments in a much different format than you may be used to. We use a grid, basically an interactive spreadsheet, to display the apartments. This allows the user in one screenshot to see how many apartments, houses, or condos are available for rent in any given month (from the current month up to 12 months in advance), and the various unit sizes (number of bedrooms). For example if you want to look for 3 bedroom apartments available in June of 2009 you simply look at the cell in the grid that corresponds with June 2009, and 3 bedroom. There will be a number in that cell, that number represents to number of available units. Simply click that number in that cell, and you will see a list view of all of the results. From there you can select any listing you are interested in and go into the full detail view. The detail view gives you convenient options like a form to e mail the landlord, an online rental application, integrate google location maps, and a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy. Please keep in mind that this is our “beta” site. This simply means we just launched, and that we are continually fixing small bugs and refining the site. If you discover any problems with the site, or needed improvements, please post a comment here!! Thanks, and enjoy.